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On the fourth Sunday in the month at 4pm.

This is a time of all-age informal worship at Holy Trinity

on the 4th Sunday of the month at 4pm.


We have recognised that Sunday morning is not always a suitable time or style of worship for everyone and so have established this more relaxed service.

4th@4 is a different kind of church service which is easier to be part of for those who haven’t been to church much before or can’t manage early mornings.

It’s a great way to worship God without worrying about disturbing others

Time to make noise,to listen to stories, to say thank you to God, to pray in your own way

No books, you won’t have to know what’s the “right” thing to do

During the ‘service’ lasting about an hour, a theme is explored in an informal and varied way. The informal style includes a mix of songs, drama, video presentations and a short talk. There is an emphasis on more contemporary music and singing is accompanied by guitars.

This is followed by a cup of tea or coffee together.

Numbers do vary but are normally around 16 including some young families.

Please come along, bring the family, you’ll find a friendly welcome.