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Morning and Evening Prayer

Prayers to begin and end the day in our Lord’s company. Follow the link here

Thought For The Week

Thought for the week – 17th January 2021

First of all may I extend belated New Year greetings to you all as we enter into 2021 with a sense of hope that we are at last approaching an end to this challenging pandemic season.

I am writing with an update about our current situation at Holy Trinity in the light of the latest lockdown. One of the most encouraging aspects of my week has been hearing from lots of people that they have received the first of their vaccinations against Covid which is something to be truly thankful for. However, there is still a long way to go and it is for this reason that the decision has been taken to suspend public worship in the parish. Despite the current lockdown allowing public worship to continue I am firmly of the belief that it would be irresponsible and against the spirit of the lockdown to continue gathering together in our buildings. I know that some of you are really struggling with this situation but it is imperative that we remember that we are not closing church because church is so much more than the buildings, important as they are. I think we have seen some wonderful examples of what church really is in the way in which our parish family have looked after each other over the last nine months and also in the way we have been able to reach out to our community. I have no doubt that this will continue and that the creativity of everyone will continue to thrive and for this I am very thankful.

As Christians we are commanded not only to love one another but also to encourage others to be hopeful. I cannot predict when we will re-open our buildings but I have absolutely no doubt that we will do so. In the meantime we will continue to pre-record services and publish on the website and YouTube. I know that we have a number of congregation members who don’t have access to online resources and I appreciate that is a challenge but please be assured that everything possible will be done to ensure everyone has resources to support their worshipping and prayer lives This week sees the commencement of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity so let us take the opportunity to be united in our efforts to combat this pandemic and to pray fervently for all who are affected by its ravages while giving thanks for all those who work so hard to care for us in so many different ways.

Prayers for the Covid19 Pandemic

A series of prayers for us all during this difficult and challenging time. Follow the link here 

Virtual Prayer Room

Prayer Room 2020

A gentle guide through a series of virtual prayer rooms. Take time and rest a while. Relax into the arms the God who simply wants to love you. Follow the link here