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Easter at Holy Trinity

Experience Easter 

On Tuesday 5th April at Oasis and on Wednesday 6th April we welcome Swalwell Primary School at 9:30am.

It was, as one teacher put it, ‘a time for reflection in a busy world’. Indeed, it is clear that Experience Easter is not just for the children, but for any one of us living in this busy world. To sit, reflect and be calm is a rare luxury. Doing so frees our minds to think beyond our own lives and concerns and enables us to rediscover a sense of quietude.

“The Easter story is one that many shrink away from when working with children – unwilling to mention the ‘gory’ bits for fear of upsetting them. But take a look at any children’s cartoon – the characters get squidged, mutilated and zapped, and children don’t seem that bothered. Maybe it’s not them that we’re protecting when we don’t mention Easter – maybe we’re afraid of the awkward questions we’ll have to answer. Experience Easter doesn’t try and explain the mysteries of the Easter story – it takes the children on a journey, a journey that enables them to explore and discover the story in a way that relates to them. They experience the sorrow, mystery and joy of Easter and they make of it what they will.

“Don’t be afraid of the Easter story. Don’t be put off by the gore and the difficult theology. At the heart of it is the story of a man full of love, who shared our hopes and dreams, our friendship, betrayal and suffering. That’s worth thinking about, surely?”