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Being a Christian in springtime is often likened to a season of spiritual renewal and growth. Much like the blossoming flowers and rejuvenated landscapes, Christians see this time as an opportunity for a fresh start and a deepening of their faith. Spring is a symbol of resurrection and new life, mirroring the core beliefs of Christianity. The blooming flowers and vibrant colors serve as a reminder of the beauty of God’s creation and the hope found in the message of Christ’s resurrection. For Christians, spring is a season to celebrate the victory of life over death, embrace the warmth of God’s love, and allow the spirit to flourish and bear fruit in the world.

It is a time to reflect on the grace received and to share that grace with others, embodying the principles of love, compassion, and renewal that are central to the Christian faith.

You can join a daily prayer service by the Church of England every day by clicking here

Holy Communion 
Sunday 9:00am  
Everyone Welcome
As a church, we are a group of people who meet together to worship Jesus Christ and share our lives with each other. We want to be here for you in the local community and for everyone to learn about God and His plan in their lives.  

We think of ourselves as a group of people with Jesus in our lives. Everyone is welcome, without exception. – there is always space for someone else and we’d love you to be with us. 

If you can’t get to Church you can always access a Sunday service on-line from the Church of England at 

The Parochial Church Council of Holy Trinity Church, Swalwell is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and nurturing environment for everyone, especially for children, young people and vulnerable adults. It has adopted and approved the Church of England policy for promoting a safer church. This policy deals with all aspects of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. A full text can be found hereThe Parochial Church Council has also adopted and are following the complementary Diocesan Safeguarding Policy for Adults, Children and Young People.  All our policies and associated guidance have been adopted, and can be viewed and downloaded from our Policies page and can be found  here.

To discuss any safeguarding concerns relating to Holy Trinity Church, Swalwell please contact either ourParish Safeguarding Officer, Susan Royal mobile: 0739 586 9488, email:  or through the Parish Office 0191 488 1553 or 07376 172181, or via email:  Similarly you can also contact our Rector, the Revd Barry Abbott on 0191 488 7397 orthrough the Parish Office  0191 488 1553 or 07376 172181, or via email 

The Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor is Mrs Beth Miller. She can be contacted as follows: Address: Cuthbert House, Stonebridge, Durham DH1 3RY Email: or or tel. 07968 034075 

For further information please also see the Durham Diocese Safeguarding Policy 2023  or for further advice contact the NHS Safeguarding website