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The technological revolution is upon us; generative AI is here. With the launch of ChatGPT and rivals like Google Bard, Bloom and Alibaba’s Tongyi Qianwen, the technology landscape has been forever changed.

Generative AI has opened the door to a world of new enterprise possibilities – from product development, customer experience, talent, and knowledge to values and ethics. But we’re only scratching the surface when it comes to exploring and understanding the potential of this intelligence. The benefits and concerns of this technology, as with any new invention, need to be carefully considered.

As Christians what do we say if someone asks what we think about this new technology and what is the impact on our faith.

Are these intelligent machines part of God’s plan for humanity? Is it morally right for commercial companies to know so much about us? Do we want a machine to be our robot carer in our old age. There are also huge benefits to society with the analysis of vast amounts of data giving a precision never possible before. This has already shown significant benefits in medicine.  The opinions we have about these issues matter and affect our ability share our faith with those we meet in the world of today…we need to be ready.

This article was written by the website Administrator and does not necessarily reflect the view of the PCC or the congregation of Holy Trinity. It is included only to provoke thoughtful Christian consideration and discussion about a subject of current interest.

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