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Worship Services

We are continuing with our pre-recorded service and they will be available every Sunday. This week we hear from Rev Brian Howell. We hope you enjoy the prayers, songs and music that accompany the service. 

November is traditionally a time of remembering, when we would normally gather in church to think about those we have loved but see no longer, and then later in the month, we think of those who have died or been injured in active service. 

But this year, we did things differently, and although was different, it doesn’t mean that we didn’t still remember them. 

At our Remembering Service at 9am on Sunday 1st November, we read out the names of people whose funerals have taken place in the last year and those lost in years passed but still lovingly remembered.

Our Remembrance Day service was on the 8th November at 9am.  Please click on the link at the top of the page. Our wreath was laid around the Cenotaph by the Churchwarden. If you have a wreath please add it to the wreaths around the cenotaph at your own convenience.

Visit to help you pray and remember those who you knew and loved but have lost, either recently or long ago.

Visit to help you pray and remember the fallen from your home, or wherever you’d like to sit quietly.

Mark the time of silence at 11 o’clock on November 11th on your doorstep.