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Oasis - Join us for friendship and support

“Offering rest and quiet in a busy world”.

Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. until about 3pm

A weekly gathering of support, Bible study and discussion

with refreshments and prayer in a calm and friendly atmosphere.

…an Oasis of calm,

particularly appreciated during difficult times.

The Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says to the people,

“Come back and quietly trust in me. Then you will be strong and secure.” (Isaiah 30:15)

Oasis, meets on Tuesday afternoons in Holy Trinity, and provides a haven of peace and tranquillity and a warm welcome to anyone who comes along. Members are actively supportive of one another and enjoy a friendly chat over a cup of tea or coffee, discussion on a theme or bible passage, followed by prayers and lighting of candles for those who wish to take part.

We are all familiar with today’s pace of life. We know that stress can be devastating. Many of us feel pressure to achieve and be busy in all walks of life, others are isolated and lonely. What can we do? 

When we slow down, we give God the chance to be heard in that quiet whisper. What we receive is as precious as gold.

So if you find yourself in a bit of a desert and life feels empty or hard ‘Oasis’ might be a good thing to visit during your week.

Of course you don’t have to feel like that to try this small group. Some of us go simply because we enjoy the friendship. Others continue to go because they enjoy the activities and the chat. Others appreciate the prayers and lighting of candles. Some of us have faith. Some of us are less sure. Most of us know something about setback, disappointment and loss and we try to support each other as best we can through the tough times.

We like to think that anyone will find a gentle welcome at this Oasis. You will find the door open: just walk in. We get to know each other over a mug of tea.  

Our meetings always conclude with the lighting of candles and simple prayers, and we have found that, unexpectedly, the Lord touches us at our point of need, bringing refreshment and peace.