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The PCC have decided to open for Public Worship again on the 13th September with Holy Communion at 9am. The Church of England has provided excellent guidelines on how to be secure during Covid19 and we have taken great care to make sure the building is as safe as it can be.

For many people, not to be able to enter our church buildings over the past few months has been a serious deprivation. Re-entry will feel like a joyful homecoming, a long awaited return from exile with an opportunity to celebrate the presence of the risen Christ in our midst. For others the building is not quite so important and they have explored other ways to celebrate their faith. For some, relief and celebration will be tinged with anxiety as they undertake risk assessments and embrace the challenges of maintaining the safety and cleanliness of their building. For others, feelings of grief and loss will be dominant. Few congregations have been unaffected by illness and death, and this too will need to be reflected in the way the re-opening of a building is marked.
New challenges and opportunities continue to emerge as a result of this pandemic, including new ways of being church and of worshipping on line. The unusual circumstances in which worshipping communities have found themselves have raised significant questions about the celebration of Holy Communion. Meanwhile people are dipping into worship, observing, watching, praying. We are connecting with ‘the fringe’ in ways the Church of England has longed to for years. Parishioners who for reasons of infirmity or disability have been unable to attend their parish church have suddenly been re-included in the life of their worshipping community. These good things need to be built on, not squandered in a casual return to former patterns of church life.

Robert Exon Chair of the Liturgical Commission

The Church of England has a programme called ‘Opening the Doors’ which is explained by Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, in the video below and by following this link.

We have now made arrangements to open for private prayer. 

Open for Private Prayer

Wednesday 1pm – 3pm

Holy Trinity Church will be open for private prayer on Wednesdays’ between 1pm and 3pm. Arrangements will be in place to comply with Covid19 guidelines provided by the UK Government and Durham Diocese and we hope you will feel confident to use the space for quiet reflection and personal prayer. You may find our Prayer For All Occasions booklet helpful. As a Church we continue to pray for our community of Swalwell and look forward to welcoming everyone back into church life in the future. 

However we are mindful that there are still people who are ‘shielding’ and others in ‘vulnerable groups’ and we all must decide for ourselves how safe we feel in any situation.

Just a 3 minute read to encourage and support you in your prayers. Thought for the Week.

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